The CM Performing Arts Center has announced their star-studded cast of A CHORUS LINE, running from January 28 to February 11 on the Main Stage in The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre.

Double cast in the role of Zach is Kevin Burns and Michael Mandato. The infamous “Line” includes: Thomas Anderson (Don), Brendan Bitler (Larry), Courtney Braun (Maggie), Joshua Credle (Richie), Emily Rose DeMartino (Bebe), Gabrielle Farah (Val), Deanna Feldmann (Cassie), Brian Frank (Greg), Juliana Jagielo (Judy/Co-Dance Captain), Steffy Jolin (Connie), Keith Jones (Bobby), Edwin Marcia (Paul), Edward Martinez (Al), Josie McSwane (Kristine), Courtney O’Shea (Diana), Daniel Rubinson (Mark), Mike Shapiro (Mike), and Emily Walter (Sheila),

Rounding out the Ensemble is Cameron Angelo, Will Brennan, Katelyn Harold, Will Logan, Rebecca Martowski, Madison Morris, and Katy Snair (Co-Dance Captain). Swings for this produciton include Pamela Shapiro and Alexander Yagud-Wolek, as well as many understudies from within the cast.

This production is just a month away from opening and their fantastic production team consisting of Patrick Campbell (Director/Stage Manager), Melissa Rapelje (Director/Choreographer), and Matthew W. Surico (Music Director) can’t wait for audiences to experience the singular sensation that is A CHORUS LINE!

For a list of performance dates and times, go to:

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