Long Island’s Noel Ruiz Theatre at CM Performing Arts Center does it again with a rousing production of All Shook Up. Excellently directed and choreographed by CM vet Ashley Nicastro, the show runs through February 1st at the delightful Oakdale venue. Indeed, you’ll leave the theater all shook up from this fun show.

Set in 1955 and to the music of Elvis, this show has a few entwined stories. Jae Hughes portrays Natalie, who falls for Chad, the new roustabout in town, portrayed by Thomas H. Anderson. They are superb in their roles as both have fantastic voices and stage presence. Dennis, portrayed by Matthew Paredi, at the same time, falls for Natalie. Natalie’s widowed father, Jim, portrayed by Dennis Creighton, is looking for love. Hilarity ensues until an exciting ending.

On the creative team, Patrick Grossman’s set is well done. Rolling pieces and the teamwork of the whole cast make for seamless scene changes. Enhanced by Alison Weinberger’s lighting, this is a visually stunning show. Of course, the live band is absolutely excellent, led by Matthew W. Surico, also a CM vet.

A jukebox musical is about fun, and this one has no shortage of that. A great cast, rocking music, and the charming Noel S. Ruiz Theatre make for an electrifying night of theatre.

* Photo Credit: John F Sheehan Photography

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