Dear CM family,

34 years ago on February 15th, Creative Ministries, Inc., was incorporated as a non-profit in the state of New York.  This legal step organized a traveling troupe of players into an organization that would grow to become the CM Performing Arts Center. What began as one man’s dream, combined with the vision and dedication of his co-founders, has become the dream of thousands.  Whether you joined the CM family at the inaugural meeting on a cold day in February 1987, whether you rehearsed at Knickerbocker Ave. or Dante Court, whether you were a part of the first Journey troupe or opened the Oakdale Theatre our first season, and whether you’ve been part of CM for decades or attended your first CM Little Kids class this week, you are a valued member of our CM family.

As CM celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year, we celebrate both the history we’ve built together and our exciting future on the horizon. As we continue to grow, we realized we needed a new logo that represents the passion and vibrance of our CM community, our rich history, and the excellent work produced on our stages, and in our studios, shops, and classrooms.

We are excited to reveal CM‘s new logo.

As you look closely at the logo, you’ll notice four stars surrounding the word Arts.  These four stars pay homage to our four founding members – Noel S. Ruiz, Joseph Campanello, Brian Schnurman, and Lynn Cahalan – for their vision and dedication.  The line under Performing Arts Center represents our journey from the rich history and tradition of our past to our bright future; the impossible dream we are working towards together. The colors of the new logo hold special meaning as well.  Gold represents love, wisdom, and magic.  Black represents sophistication and power.

Wisdom – CM is a community built on the foundation of masterful storytellers. We produce shows collaboratively to share our ideas, selves, and backgrounds.  As we grow, we continue to learn from each other both on stage and off, as individuals and as an organization.

Magic – Through our attention to detail and flair for the dramatic, we produce shows of Broadway-style production quality, celebrating the exciting enchantment of live theatre.

Sophistication – Every time the curtain goes up, we strive to create a professional theatrical experience at a value our patrons and families can afford and enjoy.

Power – Throughout CM‘s history, there have always been periods of ups and downs.  Our story would not be complete without remembering our times of struggle and hardship as an organization.  But throughout every obstacle, CM‘s history is a story of unstoppable passion and resolve, showing both the impact of theatre and the strength of community.

Love – CM was founded on the principles of family and love.  It has been the thread sewn through our 35 year history and guides the organization forward every single day.  Our special family includes people from all walks of life who work collaboratively to produce quality theatrical productions. The love that bonds our family together transcends distance and time, whether you are arriving at the theatre a few hours after a long night of rehearsal or are returning after a long hiatus, you will always be welcomed home.

Thank you for being a part of our CM family.  We hope to see you around the theatre soon!

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