Executive Director

Alyse Nicole Arpino

Alyse Nicole Arpino was the founder of the Performing Arts Program at St. Mary School in East Islip. She has had the unique opportunity of receiving a spot at the Broadway Teachers Workshop numerous years. She has served as a freelance Director and Choreographer in Professional Theatre, Community Theatre and Educational theatre. She is a member of NYSTEA. Alyse has served as a Guest Teaching Arts for a number of Student and Professional theatre conferences. She also participates with NYSSMA. Alyse graduated with honors from Wagner College and earned a Theatre/ Speech Degree with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a minor in psychology. Some of her most exciting achievements include performing on tour, being a solo tap performer with Omar Edwards, and directing several production that were performed in Walt Disney World. Alyse is proud to say she has worked in the theatre community for 14 years. She is thrilled to bring her passion, knowledge and love for Theatre Arts in combination with an understanding of theatre performance and theatrical religious interpretation performances here to CM Performing Arts Center.

Email Alyse at alyse@cmpac.com

Office of the Executive Director:
Carolann Pasion, Executive Assistant
(631) 218-2810 Ext. 1021

Staff & Volunteers


Executive Assistant – Carolann Pasion      Ext. 1021
Bookkeeper – Kim Anderson       Ext. 1003
Box Office/Office Staff –  Larisa SchadtMissi Tini
Cleaning Services – All Star Cleaning, Inc.


Marketing Coordinator – Brendan Noble      Ext. 1006
Graphic Designer – Yelena Mirsikova


Resident Musical Director – Matthew W. Surico
Resident Costume Designer – Ronald R. Green III


Teaching Staff – Kevin Burns, Patrick Campbell, Samantha Free, Sarah Minto, Matthew W. Surico

Assistant Teachers – Juliana DePersio, Gia Keddy, Mia Lange


Volunteer House Managers – Alyse Arpino, Marc Hollid- AussetChristine Jansson, Michael Sherwood

Volunteer Ushers – Leona Arpino, Sandy Hiller, Mary Kratchman, Larisa Schadt, Michael Sherwood, Arlene Sanges, Jackie Smith, Jeffry Visotzky

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