Bob Solak


Bob Solak is a Contract Manager for Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc. (E&I), a New York not-for-profit Corporation located in Jericho, NY. He has been there since the year 2000 serving the needs of the Higher Education and K-12 markets by saving them money through their portfolio of cooperative contracts. His responsibilities include oversight of the contracts used by the members of the Cooperative in the facilities category, negotiating new contracts and improvements to existing contracts with suppliers and providing creative solutions to the unique customer service needs of the members. He has lived on Long Island for more than twenty five years with his wife and their two children. CM became a part of his life when he saw Journey Cross and Crucifixion for the first time, many years ago at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Holbrook. Friends who were involved with Journey back then invited him to join the troupe the next season. From the start of rehearsals in his first season he could tell that this was something special and he wanted to make this an annual part of his life. A few years later, his children also joined the Troupe. In his many years of involvement and service to this committed and faithful group of people he has encouraged others to join and live the experience for themselves. Now, being part of the Board of Directors it is his hope to be a catalyst within the organization to help nurture and provide a venue for the talented people who come through the doors of CMPAC.

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